Dream Unleashed is Daniel Hrebik’s gripping drama based on personal experience. The audience will not only encounter deep emotions through dramatic situations, but above all, they will be inspired to reach their goals despite the rough circumstances of life.


This harsh psychological sports drama inspires viewers to believe in what they instinctively want to do in life. The film seeks to emphasize the extraordinary will of an individual who can trust in something established by our society as utterly unattainable and unrealistic. It represents a guide on how to believe in your dreams, passions, and goals. It also represents a guide on how to push the boundaries of what is possible despite the unbearable pressure of our environment

Dream Unleashed can be described as a captivating picture based on personal experience, full of inspiration, energy, liberation, and breaking societal dogmas. The film will draw you into the extraordinary world of sport and psychology and make you think about what a powerful force the human will and belief in oneself can be.

Throughout the film, the audience is transported into the life of a boy who took up ice hockey later in his life. His dream is to play in junior competitions in the USA. Although he is dedicated and passionate about the game with high motivation to excel, he faces the never-ending rejection of his dogmatic father who constantly discourages him from his dream. Yet, the will to succeed is strong enough to face and fight the erratic behavior and hostility of cunning teammates, who go as far as physical punishments. In addition, coaches put him under overwhelming pressure, and last but not least the health problems that accompany him throughout his journey. How the protagonist deals with his long-standing problems is an opportunity for the audience to watch themselves and come to the realization and inspiration to follow their own dreams, no matter how slim the chances of achieving them might be.

The collaboration with dramatist Jeff Kitchen has elevated the script of an already strong authentic story to Hollywood levels. Thanks to a talented and experienced Czech filmmaker crew, the film is highly energetic and inspiring, much like Bill Elliot, the Oscar-nominated hit, or Without Limits.

“For me, Dream Unleashed is a project of passion and determination that was created at the core of the rawest emotions I felt during my journey. Feelings of happiness, unhappiness, and anger but also love, feelings that cost me hours and hours of hard work, sweat, and sacrifice. I want this picture to be more than just a film that the viewer stumbles upon once but falls into oblivion. I want it to be THE FILM in which the hockey player started late and still wanted to play in the USA”, says director and screenwriter Daniel Hrebik.

The goal of this film is to raise funds for a feature-length version of Dream Unleashed. And since almost everyone can identify with the film’s subject matter of chasing unattainable dreams and fighting with all their might to achieve them, the filmmakers would like to offer this film to the world

through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter so that it can eventually become an inspiration and a driving force for all the people out there.

The Dream Unleashed Team

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