Cricket Betting: Now & Then


According to cricket pundits, the game originated in England. Though some agree to disagree on this point, the origin of cricket betting has never been disputed. Initially, limited to only the powerful and rich people, the fun of cricket betting has now infected all sections of a society. From high flatters to low-stake T20 Betting, cricket gambling is now legalized and normalized on approved digital platforms though the charm of its aristocratic past still lives on among the elites. 

The popularity of cricket betting, to a significant extent, can be attributed to the World Wide Web. What was confined to a small coterie became widespread through the brick-and-mortar hubs which started mushrooming on dingy lanes in the underbellies of metro cities and towns. Digital betting platforms, both cricket betting apps and websites, have rescued betting from the darkness of illegality and criminal activities. 

There is another big advantage of modern-day betting which is mostly performed on digital marketplaces. The betting fans can place bets on available options when a match is in progress, with odds keeping on changing immediately according to each bowl and players receiving instant payouts. However, this was not always the case. 

Early Betting

In its primary days, cricket was a game played by only the super rich. Hence, only the aristocratic class could represent and take part in various county teams. The British Press played a big role in popularizing cricket by covering odds more than the game analysis.  

According to the documented facts, wealthy lords from across Britain in the 17th and 18th century started funding their own team to support their wagers. Many of those teams still survive. After cricket became more popular, thanks to the fact that the British empire Sun never sets, the average audiences started trying their luck with small bets. Their attempt unintentionally democratized the act of cricket betting from the confinement within the elites.  

Soon, betting became more commonplace and accessible to people from all walks of life. Limited over cricket like ODI added to its popularity that has touched skyheight with the introduction of the Indian Premier League or IPL.

Cricket Betting and Scandals

Cricket betting, like betting in other sports, has a fair share of controversies. Surprisingly,  from the turn of the century marked by industrial expansion and worldwide TV coverage,  scandals and corruption started festering in cricket betting and also casted a shadow on what is still called a “Gentleman’s Game’. 

The phrase ‘match fixing’ became a blot on the game’s copybook, with many ugly TRUTHs came tumbling out. There are several cases to prove that cricket betting is not always an innocent practice and could unveil the dark secrets of many well-known names. 

In major tournaments, we still get to hear about bookies approaching some players for match fixing. However, since they hardly report these things, it is impossible to say whether or not these are only rumors. Still, these incidents are exceptions and exceptions are not the rules.

The Internet Effect

In the modern age, betting in cricket has become more convenient due to rapid technological advancement. In fact, online betting is the numero uno way to place bets in cricket, with sites and mobile T20 betting apps replacing old days’ real-life bookies. 

Cricket crazies can now cast bets anytime and from anywhere in the world. This is a clear indication that cricket betting has itself become a huge industry that keeps on growing, especially after IPL burst open into the scenario.  

Technology has significantly changed people’s approach to cricket betting, with in-play betting based on real-time data increasing the chance of instant gratification that punters can enjoy after receiving quick payouts on their bets. With this, betting options such as top batsman, top bowler, match result, the highest opening partnerships, even toss outcome are different odds available to potential punters. 

These days, a great number of cricketing tournaments are hosted throughout the year. So, it’s not surprising, cricket is the second most appealing sport, with a large number of fans watching televised matches. Furthermore, the number keeps growing. 

Online sports betting has made cricket betting quickly accessible across the world. A variety of digital betting markets now exist, allowing punters to place bets on any predictable action of a certain match or tournament. 

Cricket betting in the old days required bettors to have patience because there was a time gap between striking a bet and receiving a payout. With the rising prominence of digital betting platforms, the time period is finally gone. Live-in-play betting allows bettors to strike his bet while the match is going on and get rewards immediately in the event of a win.

Final Words

With a long and conjugal history of cricket and betting, their relationship is an interesting case study. A lot of new-age development has changed people’s outlook of sports betting and will surely have a lasting impact on the society’s collective mindset in this regard. 

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