Head or Tail: You Can Bet On It As Well


Test cricket is not the oldest thing that is still alive in the cricket world. One traditional thing that all cricket formats follow is TOSS. The importance of winning a toss cannot be emphasized more as it allows the winner to decide what they will do first – batting or fielding. Many times, toss plays an important role in deciding the fate of the match. No wonder, betting on toss is among the most favorite betting options on Indibet online and other gaming apps/sites. . 

Experts always recommend checking performances statistics of teams and individual players, their previous track record in different tournaments, injury and fitness updates before placing bets on different aspects of cricket matches. However, what to check before betting on a toss? Is it not a pure LUCK factor? Or does something else play a role here? Let’s examine the matter. 

Toss Betting: How Much Do You Know About It?

Toss betting is the most traditional practice of betting in any format of cricket. The toss is done before the match starts. It is done with a coin. Toss prediction is considered the most risky one for betting. You can only guess about the outcome and the guess is hardly based on any solid logic. Many cricket betting apps, sites, bookmakers or exchange sites provide a wide range of cricket betting options including betting on toss. 

What Should You Know Before Predicting The Toss Outcome?

Toss plays a vital role in limited over cricket i.e. ODI and T20 formats. Usually, most gamblers check the past tosses and market load details before making a new prediction. Only gamblers with a high risk appetite bet on tosses. The high risk is everything to do with the fact that winning a toss cannot be guaranteed. Whether you win or lose your bets on a toss, it is purely a matter of luck. 

Remember toss is not fixed. You only have details of the past records, and analyzing these  will give you some light on what could be the outcome. At least, 70-80% accuracy in toss-related information from previous matches helps to successfully predict the outcome of a toss. . 

Accurate toss-related  information is based on captain choices and other historical data. The process of predicting a toss employs historical decision data in cricket matches. Hence, toss prediction is anything but easy and often, turns out to be a futile effort. This explains why sensible and new gamblers should avoid striking bets on toss outcomes after using Indibet login app or any other app for the purpose. . 

What and How does the Toss Affect?

Using a coin is the oldest tradition of tossing in a cricket match. The toss heavily affects the odds in a cricket match. The importance of a toss varies on the basis of cricket format, match venue and duration. It becomes more important in certain weather conditions and immediately after sudden showers. However, the toss winning captain’s right decision is as important as winning the toss. 

Toss influences match predictions. Cricket betting analysts base their guesses on certain parameters. The toss coin is neutral and does not favor any particular team. However, if after winning a toss, a team makes a decision in keeping with the seaming/spinning surface, the condition of the outfield especially after showers, dew factor (if it is winter and it is a day-night match), the team gets an advantage in the match. 

However, at the end of the day, how a captain uses his bowlers and places fielders, or how good the batters are at chasing runs is what matters most. A captain’s match-reading skills and how he springs into action accordingly as well as his teammates’ contributions decide the match’s fate in favor of or against his team. 

Best Toss Predictions

A toss is a random event. There are toss prediction tips though these have only theoretical value. Let’s now present some realities. 

Every time a coin is tossed, both teams have a 50% chance of winning the toss. 

Many cricket analysts try to predict toss outcomes and how these can affect the game result. However, Perfect Prediction is an illusion. For the best toss predictions, many players follow the average law while considering the toss event. 

Let us imagine a scenario. Team A has an 80-90% chance of winning a toss within the 10-15 toss events against team B. Once the toss of two teams progresses towards a large number, say 100, the winning chances will tilt towards the 50% for both teams. 

Accurate Toss Prediction on Cricket Betting Apps/Sites

Every punter usually searches for the most pragmatic toss predictions on the internet. You can get accurate toss predictions from many reputable betting apps. Their predictions are 100% accurate as these are based on long-term information. 

Cricket experts often provide the best toss prediction tips and these are available on the most reputable cricket betting apps or sites.

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